Création Orange-Carotte is a unique and original firm that produces outstanding interior and exterior signs. We’ll take the time to determine how we can make you more visible. We'd like to show you what we can do and what we offer, including advice on how to design and install unique signs that will raise your profile with your customers and strengthen your brand.

Création Orange-Carotte has 20 years of experience. Early on, we set ourselves apart with engraved signs, like those in Old Montreal, Old Longueuil and other old villages in Quebec. At that time, we called ourselves “the Good Old Medieval Shop.” Two years later, considering the name was too long, the then-owners settled on the name “Carrot Signs.” The current owner, who arrived on the scene in 2008, was rather confused about the company’s name and changed it to Orange-Carotte, which two years later became our current name, Création Orange-Carotte.

Also, to adapt to the demands of our clientele, we greatly diversified our service offering. Today, we can say we’re an “original” firm, offering advice to create very distinctive signs. Indeed, we specialize in interpreting a logo, pulling out the best elements and presenting them to cities for approval. We listen to our clients and give them what they want, even when it’s difficult for them to express their vision. In terms of design, every sign graphic designer in the world must address the challenge of integrating dimensions, lighting, colours and the 1001 possible materials into a concept that is cohesive and balanced. Our concepts are made for indoor or outdoor use and are created according to your requirements. We’ll help you to highlight the elements that will prove to be the most valuable to you. Based on these concepts, we’ll produce incomparable signs for you.

We offer the most essential communication tool in marketing: visibility. A sign is more than an expense; it’s an investment. Buying a sign is the best advertising investment your company can make; it works for you 24/7. Not only will it serve as an ad, but it will convey information about your products and services and, most important of all, define your brand image. Your sign has a crucial job: to draw attention to itself and act as your representative to the outside world. We can help you create an effective sign.

You only have one chance to make a good impression. Let us help you stand out from the rest.