Hollow in aluminum

  1. Cut based on your logo, made to measure. In our jargon: letter channels illuminated from the inside by LEDs.
  2. We also make reverse channel lighting so that the light is directed backwards and illuminates the sign with a halo.

Solid or rigid letters, i.e. letters made of a single solid material.

  1. Polyurethane: in various weights, from 8 to 30 pounds (8, 12, 15, 20 and 30) cut to your specifications. We can deliver exactly the look you want. The heavier the weight, the sharper the shapes we can make.
  2. Made of aluminum, it yields a perfect look, whether anodized or painted. Very durable.
  3. PVC, which is cheaper than polyurethane and acrylic, can also be digitally cut. While it’s still a porous solution, it’s perfect for smooth frontages.

Product features

Acrylics of all kinds, colours, thicknesses, and textures. We also use glass, aluminum (natural, painted, anodized, or brushed), hardwoods of all essences, steel, stainless steel, and anything else our imagination might lead us to use.

Examples of completed projects